Consultation and representation

The main services that I provide are the consultation in immigration matters and representation in immigration procedures in front of immigration authorities in Germany, German embassies and consulates as well as administrative courts. I also offer advice in related social security and tax matters.


First consultations

In many cases individuals, employers or migration related service providers seek advice whether a specific immigration path is feasible in Germany. Through meetings, phone/Skype calls and e-mails I try to provide a basic orientation with regard to the immigration sitations. Then I also try to provide guidance whether further advice or a representation would be necessary.


Ongoing advice

Sometimes more research or longer discussions are required to effectively help with certain documents or processes, which I then provide.



The language barrier or the complexity of the cases are the most common reasons for clients asking me to reprsent them in front of the authorities. That means that I take care of all communication, write appeals and appear in court on behalf of my clients.